The 3-token model

Three types of tokens will be issued:

$MLS: MetaLand Shares, the governance token in Metaland.

$SRBP: Super Rare Ball Portion, the rare game token in Pikaster.

$RBP: Rare Ball Portion, the regular game token in Pikaster.

With the 3-token model, Pikaster seeks to slow the inflation problem that commonly plagues Game-fi projects. The adoption of dual game tokens will enable our team to superiorly manage in-game inflation: In the case that an in-game token shows an inflationary trend, a higher consumption and conversion can then be adjusted with the second in-game token.

$SRBP and $RBP released in-game is the barebone of Pikaster's economy. Releasing rules for $SRBP and $RBPs have been designed to achieve economic sustainability. $SRBP and $RBP pre-minted are distributed almost entirely to players in-game. The team will only receive benefits from the ownership of $MLS tokens.

Pikaster's NFT assets are mainly generated through breeding, which requires a certain amount of $MLS, $SRBS and $RBS as materials.

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