Evolution levels, methods of evolution and advantages of evolution
Evolution levels: Pikasters exist in pre-evolved status and post-evolution status. There are in total 7 levels in evolution. NFTs reaching evolution level 7 can continue to evolve, but evolution level will be capped at 7. Each evolution will reset the Pikaster's Vitality.
How do you evolve: While in evolution, players will need to select an eligible NFT to evolve. Then,players are required to feed the evolution process with NFTs which has lost more than 95% of their Stamina, at the same time fueling the process with RBP and SRBP.
Evolution levels and the associated earning boosts and costs
Advantages of evolved NFTs
Higher returns: Evolved NFTs have higher Vitality and generate higher returns from battles.
Higher attributes: Evolved NFTs have higher attributes. After the initial evolution, the NFTs' attack and defence will increase accordingly. Attributes will only increase going from level 0 to level 1 in evolution. Attributes will not benefit from evolution post level 1.
Recovering Vitality: After an evolution, NFTs will completely recover their Vitality.
Dominating effect: Higher level of evolved NFTs will have a dominating effect on lower level of NFTs, however, dominating effect is constant(i.e fixed), regardless of evolution level differences. Therefore, an evolution level 6 vs an evolution level 3, will have the exact dominating effects as if level 5 on level 1.
Evoluted NFTs have advantages in Vitality, Total Attributes and Arena earning boost...etc
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