Vitality is a concept to be understood as the "health of NFTs" and plays a pivotal role in the economic model of Pikaster - by incentivising players to re-invest and recycle their earnings partially back into the game. It sets the cornerstone to ensure the game's vibrancy and long-term sustainability.
When participating in PvP battles, players need to exchange portions of the NFTs' Vitality into Stamina. When Vitality is less than 5% of the total Vitality, that particular NFT cannot be used for any battles, PvE nor PvP.
These "retired" NFTs can then be used as evolution materials or sold in the marketplace.
Non-evolved NFTs: 20,000
Evolved NFTs: 25,000
Vitality and Evolution materials
NFT without full vitality amounts to 1 evolution material
NFT with full vitality amounts to 4 evolution materials
Last modified 7mo ago