Scholar System

In our Scholar System, there are two roles: Investors and Scholars. Each player can become either Investor or Scholar and the choice is irreversible per account. A contract is set between Investor and Scholar, where Investors essentially provide their NFT assets to Scholars for gameplay. In return, Investors and Scholars split the in-game earnings. The platform will take a 10% services fees from the earnings.

Each contract lasts for 30 days. Earnings can be derived from PvE, PvP, Boss Challenge and Tasks.

Scholars can upload their “resume” in their own account page and apply for contracts issued by investors. Scholars cannot initiate the termination of contracts.

Investors can issue contracts and terminate contracts as they wish. Once the contracts are terminated, earnings are distributed immediately between Scholars, Investors and recycling in-game.

By creating a set of sub-accounts, Investors can allocate their NFTs assets and create contracts for Scholars. The main account is then used to manage the Investor's NFT assets.

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