Who We Are


Pikaster by Metaland

Pikaster is Metaland's first card-based battle strategy Play-To-Earn project.

It is the first attempt to adopt a 3-token in-game economic model, and standing at the forefront of gameplay and token / NFT applications. Our built-in wallet allows users to make a smooth transition from Web2.0 to Web3.0, simplifying the procedures for non crypto-native players.

Metaland's vision

Metaland’s vision is to build a metaverse, where its community is DAO-based. Through our governance token $MLS, players will be able to participate in the metaverse, playing a variety of games, be it card-based, casual, or competitive.

Players will be able to interact via a set of social networking tools, built both in-game and externally, connecting with friends and friends-to-be. Not to mention the possibility for $MLS holders to shop online and offline, as well as participating in move-to-earn in the near future.

Further, token holders will obtain their own unique identities, while having a full control of their assets and personal data. But more importantly, $MLS holders will finally achieve a high level of autonomy, thereby fully immerse oneself into the era of Web 3.0.

Our Team - Metaland Technology Foundation

Metaland is the metaverse subsidiary of Metaland Technology Foundation. Our vision is to build a DAO-based metaverse. Our team members have a wealth of past experiences in 3As gaming studios, mobile games startups, deFi protocols and gamefi projects. Many of them are also crypto-natives. Profiles of our team members coming soon!

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