Battle Modes

PvP Battles: our online matchmaking system in PvP enables players to batte. If you defeat your opposing player, you will be rewarded with game tokens and the corresponding PvP points. According to the PvP leaderboard, the top 500 players in each season will receive MLS rewards.
PvE Adventures: Players indulge in an adventurous experience and will be rewarded with game tokens if they win the battle.
World Trees: World Trees are upgraded in order to provide blessings to NFTs, where NFTs can be selected to upgrade their particular attributes. By upgrading the World Trees, points will be accumulated in the leaderboard and generating Weekly and Seasonal Rewards.
Guilds: Players are free to join a guild and fight in groups in the guild’s territory. Handsome rewards will be distrubuted upon guild wars victories.
Weather Conditions: Different weather conditions can enhance or restrain different class attributes. For example, under the searing sun; all fire-related skill effects will receive a boost. However, when the searing sun is coupled with a rainy day, this will result in a foggy weather which subsequently strengthens bugs and certain water attributes.